Bettas, Bettas, and More Bettas

Bettas, Bettas, and More Bettas!

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This is Jack, a HMDT. He’s normally a very shy boy as it is, but lately, my owners have noticed him to be even more shy than normal. He hides almost constantly and sometimes goes a day or two without even coming out for food. He’s lethargic as well.

Jack’s lips also seem to be swollen (they certainly look different and have some sort of weird dip, is all that my owners can think to describe it as). Yet, by trying to get pictures of his lips, my blog owner noticed these sore-like holes on Jack’s head around his eyes.

Given the lethargy, loss of appetite, and holes, my owners are currently treating it as Hole in the Head (even though it’s uncommon in bettas). Unfortunately, it must be more severe since it looks like the lateral line is eroding (hence the sore-like appearance of the holes).

Sigh, it’s said to be mostly caused by poor water conditions and stress. My owners are very vigilant with keeping the water as clean and safe as possible, and Jack’s always been a shy, stressy fish… Maybe tap water in the winter is treated differently as well, perhaps causing additional changes and stress?

Any thoughts, friends? Have anyone else dealt with Hole in the Head?

As it is, my owners are using the recommended API General Cure for treating Hole in the Head. The heat has been increased to around 82 degrees, a blanket is in place, and more frequent water changes will be made as needed after the first course of medication.

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  1. artofobservation said: Some bettas naturally have larger pore-like spots on their heads, but if they are new/weren’t there before… I don’t know :( Best of luck.
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